Sanjeev Mukhiya’s Alleged Role in the NEET Paper Leak
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Sanjeev Mukhiya’s Alleged Role in the NEET Paper Leak


Sanjeev Mukhiya’s Alleged Role in the NEET Paper Leak

Sanjeev Mukhiya? Plan for NEET Paper Leak

NEET paper spill: Modern subtle elements approximately the spill is rising each day, but the center is presently on one man accepted to be at the epicenter of the spill: Sanjeev Mukhiya.

New Delhi:

Students all over the country have been challenged over affirmations of paper spills and other inconsistencies in the therapeutic entrance test NEET. Unused points of interest approximately the paper spill is rising each day, but the center is presently decisively on one man accepted to be at the epicenter of the spill:

Sanjeev Mukhiya

Sanjeev Mukhiya, also known as Sanjeev Singh, is a renowned engineer from Nalanda, Bihar, known for his controversial role in the therapeutic entrance examination. Long History of Fraud Sanjeev Mukhiya’s association with exam extortion dates back two decades, per reports.

Before being utilized as a specialized partner at Nalanda College’s Noorsarai department, Mukhiya has been connected to numerous episodes of paper spills, including the scandalous 2016 Bihar Open Benefit Commission constable enrollment exam leak. He supposedly runs a ‘Solver Gang’ with Ravi Atri where they offer spilled address papers or intermediaries to take the exam.

Extensive Network in Recruitment Exam Scandal Uncovered, Highlighting Family and Political Ties

The examination has uncovered an organized amplifying from constable enrollment exams to educator enlistment exams over numerous states, outlining the scale and reach of the operation. Family And Political Connections Mukhiya’s spouse Mamta Devi serves as the ‘mukhiya’ or chief of Bhuthakhar panchayat, a position she accepted after getting a ticket from the Lok Janshakti Party.

His child, Shiv Kumar, is entangled in lawful inconveniences for his affirmed inclusion in another exam paper spill case related to Bihar’s instructor enrollment exams. In his town, suppositions on Mukhiya change, with a few inhabitants depicting him as a moderately conventional figure included in agrarian work, downplaying his charged abuses past their nearby horizon.

Involvement in the NEET Leak:

The contention was ejected after an abnormally tall number of understudies scored an ideal score of 720 in the NEET-UG exam. At first, credited to elegance marks due to a flawed address and calculated issues, consequent examinations by Bihar Police revealed a distinctive perspective:

The exam paper had been spilled out to select candidates a day ago.

According to specialists, Sanjeev Mukhiya is accepted to have coordinated the dispersion of NEET-UG address papers and reply to sheets for the 2024 exam. Reports recommend he got these delicate materials using versatility, sourced from an anonymous teacher. Endeavors to secure him are continuous, with law authorization offices forcing their look amid a broadening crackdown on his charged network. Sources say that Mukhiya may have fled to Nepal after the discussion snowballed, complicating removal methods due to the respective assertions between India and Nepal.

Scope of Operations

Mukhiya’s network extends beyond NEET. His operations have affected various exams, from constable recruitment to teacher recruitment, across multiple states.

Family and Political Connections

Sanjeev Mukhiya’s family also plays a role in his activities and has notable connections.

Family Members

  • Wife: Mamta Devi, chief of the Bhuthakhar panchayat, was elected with support from the Lok Janshakti Party.
  • Shiv Kumar, is involved in another exam paper leak case related to Bihar’s teacher recruitment exams.

Village Reputation

In his village, opinions about Mukhiya are mixed. Some see him as an ordinary person involved in agriculture, downplaying his alleged criminal activities.

The NEET Paper Leak

The NEET-UG exam controversy started when an unusually high number of students scored perfect 720 marks. Initial explanations pointed to grace marks due to a faulty question, but further investigations revealed a different story.

Details of the Leak

  • Leak Discovery: Bihar Police discovered the exam paper was leaked to select candidates a day before the exam.
  • Involvement: Authorities believe Mukhiya distributed NEET-UG question papers and answer sheets for the 2024 exam.
  • Source: Reports suggest he received the materials via mobile from an unnamed professor.

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Current Status

Mukhiya’s arrest is ongoing, with law enforcement intensifying search efforts. He may have fled to Nepal, complicating extradition due to bilateral agreements between India and Nepal.


The NEET paper leak scandal highlights serious issues in the exam system. Sanjeev Mukhiya’s alleged role in this and other exam frauds underscores the need for stricter measures to ensure fair examinations for all students.


Who is Sanjeev Mukhiya?

Sanjeev Mukhiya, also known as Sanjeev Singh, is the alleged mastermind behind the NEET paper leak. He has a long history of involvement in exam fraud.

What is his background?

Mukhiya is from the Nalanda district in Bihar and was previously a technical assistant at Nalanda College’s Noorsarai branch.

How long has he been involved in fraud?

Reports suggest Mukhiya has been involved in exam fraud for nearly two decades.

What is the NEET paper leak?

The NEET paper leak is a scandal where exam papers were leaked to select candidates before the exam Mukhiya is believed to have distributed these papers.

What is being done to catch him?

Law enforcement agencies are actively searching for Mukhiya. There are indications he may have fled to Nepal, complicating efforts to apprehend him.

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