Modi’s Mixed Messages on Muslims and Ram Mandir: Nana Patole’s Sharp Response


Maharashtra Congress Nana Patole Criticizes PM Modi Over Ram Mandir

Maharashtra Congress Criticizes PM Modi Over Smash Mandir Comments

Nana Patole’s Solid Analysis

Maharashtra Congress president Nana Patole has cruelly condemned State head Narendra Modi for his comments about the development of the Smash Mandir during a public convention in the state on Wednesday. This came only a day after Modi guaranteed he doesn’t enjoy the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ partition and underscored areas of strength for him with Muslims.

Allegations of Misdirecting People in general

Patole blamed Modi for endeavoring to misdirect people in general and sustain Muslim contempt. He featured the irregularity in Modi’s explanations saying “Yesterday, he (Modi) said his relationship with Muslims is solid and that he would be dishonorable of public life assuming he enjoyed ‘Hindu-Muslim’ partitions. However today a similar Modi made one more frantic endeavor to deceive general society by underscoring the development of the Smash Mandir, showing his contempt towards Muslims.

PM Modi and Nana Patole

Bogus Cases About Congress Declaration

Patole further bludgeoned Modi for proliferating bogus thoughts regarding the Congress proclamation, particularly in regard to reservation.

RSS and BJP are against reservation

He expressed, while obviously the RSS and BJP are against reservation, the charges that the Congress is against the SC, ST, and OBCs and that the booking will be removed and given to Muslims are ridiculous individuals in key positions, similar to the Head of the state, are supposed to talk with pride, yet it appears to be that Narendra Modi can’t utter a word other than lies, something the RSS has educated him.

Varsha Gaikwad’s Study of Modi’s Roadshow

Varsha Gaikwad criticized Modi’s roadshow, describing it as filled with false promises. She said, “The Emperor came to Mumbai with his box of deceitful promises” Streets were shut down, the Metro to some degree quit running, and those getting back from work had to turn out to be essential for the group.

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