Home Decor Elevate Living Spaces by Home Style Export House

Elevate your living spaces with Home Decor Elegance by Home Style Export House.

Introducing Home Style Export House, a distinguished manufacturing and export company specializing in exquisite home decor products. Whether you are an interior designer looking for unique pieces to elevate your projects or a homeowner seeking to add a touch of elegance to your living spaces, Home Style Export House has something for everyone. Furthermore, with our commitment to top-notch quality and customization options, we aim to provide a personalized experience tailored to your preferences.

Home Decor Product Categories 

Discover the allure of wooden wonders; step into the culinary realm with kitchen chronicles; transform your tabletop with tabletop elegance; explore the creative possibilities of walls that speak; raise the bar with bar essentials; immerse yourself in the indoors to outdoor furniture hardware extravaganza and experience the joy of gifting with handcrafted gifts. Moreover, Home Style Export House offers a diverse range of home decor goods, each categorized to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. As a distinguished manufacturing and export company, Home Style Export House takes pride in offering our services to major countries, including the USA, UK, France, Italy, Mexico, and South Africa. Situated in the vibrant city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, with the postal code 202001, our headquarters serve as the hub for our operations.

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Handicraft Images
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At Home Style Export House, we specialize in a diverse range of products, spanning hardware, ceramic blue pottery, wooden crafts, and, of course, Home Decor. Furthermore, our commitment to delivering top-notch quality is complemented by our unique client product customization facility. We firmly believe in providing our customers with not just products, but an experience tailored to their preferences.

Should you wish to connect with us or explore our offerings, our doors are open, and our e-catalogue is available below:

Product E-Catalogue Below click here: –> https://homestyleexporthouse.trustpass.alibaba.com/

Join us in transforming spaces into statements and creating homes that reflect individual styles and preferences. Home Style Export House where craftsmanship meets global elegance.

Unveiling Home Style Export House (Best for Home Decor Products)

Delve into the exceptional craftsmanship of Home Style Export House, your one-stop destination for exquisite home decor. Let’s explore the various categories that define their commitment to creating spaces that resonate with style and charm.

Wooden Wonders: Crafted Elegance

Discover the allure of wooden drawers with ceramic boxes, where functionality meets artistic expression. Home Style Export House presents a collection that transforms storage.


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into a statement piece, blending seamlessly with your home decor.

Kitchen Chronicles: Ceramic Crockery and Spice Racks

Step into the culinary realm with ceramic crockery and spice racks that redefine kitchen aesthetics. At Home Style Export House, we bring you durable, stylish kitchenware that enhances both your cooking experience and the visual appeal of your space.

Table-Top: Ceramic Vases, Photo Frames, and Many More

Transform your tabletop into an art gallery with ceramic vases and photo frames. Home Style Export House’s collection adds a touch of sophistication, allowing you to showcase your style through meticulously crafted pieces.

Walls That Speak: Wall Panels and Shelves

Explore the creative possibilities of wall decor with Home Style Export House’s exquisite panels and shelves. Elevate your walls to a new level of elegance, expressing your unique personality and taste.

Bar Essentials: Stoppers, Openers, and Racks

Raise the bar with Home Style Export House’s wine bottle stoppers, openers, and racks. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style as you adorn your bar with these exquisite accessories.

Indoors to Outdoors: Furniture Hardware Extravaganza

Immerse yourself in the allure of indoor and outdoor furniture that seamlessly integrates with your living spaces. Home Style Export House creates pieces that redefine comfort and style, enhancing your home’s overall ambiance.
Handcrafted Gifts: Artistic Expressions
Discover the joy of gifting with Home Style Export House’s handicrafts. Each piece is a masterpiece, showcasing the artisanal skills that make your gifts truly memorable and cherished.
Discover a diverse selection of drawer knobs, including ceramic, metal, glass, and wooden options.

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FAQs: Answering Your Curiosities
What sets Home Style Export House apart?
Home Style Export House stands out for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, offering a diverse range of products that cater to various tastes and preferences.
Can I customize the products?
Yes, many products can be customized, allowing you to add a personal touch to your chosen items and create a unique home decor experience.
How does Home Style Export House contribute to sustainability?
The company is dedicated to sustainable practices, utilizing eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing process, and promoting a greener lifestyle.
Are there budget-friendly options available?
Absolutely! Home Style Export House ensures accessibility by offering a range of products that cater to various budget preferences without compromising on quality.

Home Style Export House offer international shipping?
Yes, Home Style Export House provides international shipping services, ensuring that their exquisite home decor products reach customers worldwide.
What makes Home Style Export House’s products unique?
Attention to detail, commitment to quality, and a diverse product range set Home Style Export House apart, ensuring that each piece reflects excellence in craftsmanship.

You can contact for bulk order and also can contact for Stock too.

Customer reviews
  • I am absolutely thrilled with the customized ceramic vases I ordered from Home Style Export House. – Sarah, Interior Designer
  • The attention to detail and craftsmanship is impeccable. Moreover, they have truly transformed my tabletop into an art gallery. – Laura, Interior Designer
  • “The wooden wonders collection from Home Style Export House is a game-changer. Not only are the drawers with ceramic boxes functional, but they are also beautifully crafted, adding a touch of elegance to my home decor.”John, Homeowner
  • The drawers with ceramic boxes are not only functional but also beautifully crafted. They add a touch of elegance to my home decor. – John,
  • By consistently delivering exceptional products and exceeding customer expectations, Home Style Export House has established itself as a trusted name in the home decor industry.


In conclusion, Home Style Export House emerges as a beacon of excellence in the home decor landscape. Elevate your living spaces with their exquisite range of products; each piece is curated to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Moreover, experience the transformative power of thoughtful decor with Home Style Export House.

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